Tuesday, February 24, 2009

show pictures!

These photos were taken by the lovely and talented Anna Thiessen. She really did a fantastic job! The beautiful Karalyn, Amanda and Nicole from PR were a few of my models.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

free at last!

Oh joy, sweet joy it is finally over! The long nightmarish days and nights of sewing and trying to make a collection in such a short amount of time are over. And I feel a newfound sense of freedom  and relief of stress in my life that has never felt so good!

In the end I completed only nine looks versus the twelve that I had hoped for. But as the date got closer and I knew that I would have to greatly compromise several looks in order to get 12 done, I decided that it would be far worse to show quantity over quality and decided to cut some. 

Having done this feels like an impossible accomplishment. Still having said that, this is not my best work. I am very happy with what I did in this time, but I know that I am capable of so much more.  Lesson learned: don't try to do so much in a short time frame. I will be starting on the next Spring 2010 collection in the next few days (hopefully), and I will aim to blow people's minds with it. 

I have to thank the numerous, incredibly wonderful people who made this possible and without would not have happened: John Vitale for planning out and helping with the design of the venue, Ana for renting us her wonderful showroom Coolture and being so helpful, Nathan Johnson my favorite makeup artist from Project runway who is the best and nicest guy in theworld! The beautiful models and hair and makeup team. My fantastic interns (especially Jillian Krieger) who helped me cut out those city-scape shapes over and over again and went out and got the shoes the night before the show. Suede, for helping me get interns from Kent State University. Kate Sullivan for all her hard PR work she did for this show and for me in the past. And lastly, and most of all my boyfriend/personal assistant/music composer /event-planner/casting director whom without absolutely none of this would've been possible. There are more probably that I'm forgetting and I am forever grateful for their assistance. 

I'm working on getting some good pictures up soon, but in the meanwhile here's some more of the work in progress and a link of a great review and photos of the show. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the home stretch

In the midst of my 'round the clock-sewathon, I was able to attend a couple of shows last weekend at Bryant Park. This was my first time attending a show there and being able to watch in the audience. I have seen very few fashion shows live as an audience member. It was thrilling and beyond inspirational to watch one in the tents. It made me want to become a fashion designer all over again!

The most impressive show that I saw was the Academy of Art (SF). Not only did they have top-notch models (Anja, Chanel Iman), the designs themselves were very interesting and well-executed. It was a great show, and made me long badly for a tent show myself in the future. 
Next time I will at least have a runway show instead of a presentation. Seeing the clothes move is mesmerizing.

Now, back to sewing my heart out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


One week to go, and I'm nearly halfway done. This is insanity. We're doing the castings today for models, and then I will sew around the clock in a marathon style to complete this collection. Note to self: never try to complete a collection and put together a show in 3 weeks EVER again.