Tuesday, March 2, 2010

spring cleaning

(eventhough, technically not yet Spring; especially not here in NY!)

I've posted some samples up on Etsy this week, because currently my rack is pulling out of the wall because it's too heavy. And now my cutting tables are all covered with clothes to alleviate the racks, and so I've been cutting on the floor.

I do need to get more racks, but a quick solution is spring cleaning the studio of things I've been holding on to. I need to do more than just a few samples, though. It's so hard to part with some these pretty things, and I am definitely a pack rat! :)

I need to make even more room, because I'm currently having a few styles from my Spring collection produced that I'll be selling on my website and in NY.This is one of the lovelies I'm letting go of. I might have a few more throughout the week, too.
(photo by Caitlin Bellah)
This is how my racks used to look last spring, shortly after I moved in. Color organized and all! Ahh, memories....


The Trendy Fashionista said...

breathtaking red dress!!!

-The Trendy Fashionista

glam.spoon said...

It must be hard to let go of samples, since they're one of a kind until they get produced... beautiful work.

RAP said...

Checked out the etsy site - all of it is so gorgeous. I know it must be hard to part with everything but I love looking at the designs. The pink dress is super cute on etsy is super cute but I'm afraid I'd get it and it'd be a tad too small...

Miss Soggy Smog said...

Oh how much I want to be a four right now!!!! :) So much excellence!

anna elsa said...

oh my goodness, your work's absolutely beautiful! inspirational and lovely, always
you will be my favorite PR designer forever, just so you know (: i love your style (and flawless execution)

gushing aside, if i could buy all of those items, i would. the red dress is gorgeous
x anna

Anonymous said...

That red dress is AMAAAZING!! Wow. You have so much talent!

INK Magazine said...

hey, if i have a stylist contact you about a shoot upcoming for INK Magazine's spring 2010 issue...we could take a few of those pieces off your hands for about a week or so for the shoot, they would then have to go back to you....but....still...it would be a feature! let me know at inkmagemail@gmail.com



Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

wow! I love all of the textures in your designs. I just have taken up sewing myself recently and aspire to be as good as you! Any good tips for a beginner sewer/designer?