Tuesday, July 17, 2012

France, je t'aime!

I finally have returned from my vacation in France. Paris was beautiful, but the "summer" weather wasn't terribly cooperative. We had some torrential downpours, but it was very fun nonetheless. (Don't you love the chic lady in the flourescent peplum dress during this downpour?) Rémy and I ran and took cover in a phone booth from this rain!
In Southern France I finally had a chance to relax and get some sunshine. And I also ate my weight in delicious cheese, wine and bread! Ah, I can't wait to return again in the future. Now it's back to work and crunch time as I prepare for my upcoming NY fashion week show. Luckily this vacation has provided me with newfound energy and inspiration. Bonnes vacances à tous!


fhenny said...

love the photos! glad that you enjoy France :)
and all the best for upcoming NY Fashion Week. i'm excited to see your collection <3


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! It looks like a fantastic trip.

I miss the bread and cheese and yogurt from France so, so much.

Looking forward to seeing another beautifully innovative collection from you.

Rodi said...

I see you have been to Albi! I lived there for 3 years and loved that town :)
Good luck with your new collection!

Anonymous said...

bonjour leanne,
bonnes vacances in paris,
j aime beaucoup tes créations,
on pourrais ce voir si tu veux,
j ai un blog iren6(tapez dans google)aufeminin.com

Anonymous said...


Leanne said...

Hi Rodi! Oui, Albi! You guessed it. It was beautiful! :)

KG said...

Amazing photos! Hope you had fun