Sunday, December 21, 2008

never in my wildest snow-dreams...

did I ever imagine we'd get this much snow! We got dumped on, for lack of a better way of putting it! Portland is shut down. There are no cars on the streets, just people occupying the lanes of traffic because it's easier to walk on. I went sledding three times yesterday. This is crazy and inconvenient as hell, but I absolutely love it. 

Edit: I love how I'm now seeing several people walking down the deserted streets drinking beers and booze. Because when it snows, there are no laws and anything goes apparently!
Snow creatures. The monster in the middle was spotted late at night on Burnside.


frogponder said...

It ended up over here in Eastern WA.

SRR said...

We are getting another round here in Seattle just now. My sister sent a photo showing how much they have in Portland, Amazing!!

And congratulations on your check!!!!


cmziggy said...

We were supposed to get "a lot" of snow/ice but it doesn't even look that bad outside.

I bet the snow was a pretty cool mess though haha.

rg said...

It's no better here in MA :)
The photos are really beautiful!

I'm new to your blog. Congrats on your big win! SO well deserved!

caroline said...

i saw photos of people getting around in skis and thought that was awesome.

Leanne said...

There's much more today! It is never ending!